Functional gums srl is an innovative SME incubated at NOI Techpark in Bolzano. The core business of the company consists in the development, marketing and marketing of functional chewing gums with high added value. The COVID-19 crisis had an immediate and important impact on the growth possibilities of our company due to the closure of most of the points of sale where our products are sold, the cancellation of all trade fairs essential for business. of foreign commercial development; furthermore, the current situation shows a very strong reluctance on the part of the buyers of the category to insert new products.

All these elements have already had and will have an important negative impact on our business during this period of stagnation, which is destined to last throughout 2020 and perhaps beyond.

We think that a great quality of a young company must certainly be the flexibility in adapting or changing its business to face the challenges and obstacles that arise in the company's growth path. We therefore decided not to sit still waiting for the crisis to pass but to use our capital and our resources to react and start a new project that could make a direct contribution in facing this period of emergency.

Certain of the fact that like all entrepreneurial projects, this one also presents risks, during these weeks we have carried out studies aimed at minimizing them.

We focused on the potential and future market in the short and medium term and on the current legislation on the subject together with the drafting of a new financial plan and the selection of reliable suppliers for the entire supply chain; Functional gums srl, in agreement with all investors (Italian and foreign) approved an important investment and purchased:

  • 1 automatic machine for the production of type I, II and II R surgical masks

  • All of the raw materials for the production of a first batch of surgical masks of

    type I

At full capacity, the machine is able to produce about 100,000 masks per day regardless of the type.

The project stems from the skills and experience gained in the pharmaceutical, medical and financial fields of the members of Functional Gums srl.

The project that for simplicity we call  “Surgical Masks” will build the first surgical mask production plant in the autonomous province of Bolzano.  

In this delicate phase of emergency, the goal is to  offer the type I surgical masks necessary to face the COVID-19 emergency ea  concrete support of citizenship. In the future, the scalability of the project and the purchased machinery will allow us to produce surgical masks with different characteristics and degrees of innovation. It should also be said that once we have created a solid base of customers and having gained further experience, we could certainly expand the offer to other personal protection devices aimed at guaranteeing the safety of anyone who wears them in the various phases of the working day and not.

The core business of Functional gums srl, and the development of functional chewing gums will not be abandoned but certainly slowed down given the market situation and the necessary effort in the start-up phase of the new “Surgical masks” business.


This is what we do and our story ...

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